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Quality Policy

In our industry it is very important to have a top class management planning in order to determine continued success of our company, which mainly depends on price, Just-in-time and quality of services and the solutions offered to our clients. Thus, we at IdeaCloud strictly follow the policy quality guidelines to meet the highest possible standards of quality management that is demanded by our customers and that stand out from our competitors, worldwide.

At IdeaCloud we design and develop websites that provides customer satisfaction to enhance profitability of your business. Our company’s quality policy is to ensure that the services offered meet our client’s requirements and expectations in every aspect. We focus and pay extra attention on our projects undertaken to deliver long- term growth and excellent results. IdeaCloud adhere to maintain ISO 9001:2008 certification and use these procedures to ensure that for further success we always perform in a professional, controlled and dedicated manner. We undertake robust R&D on a continuous basis to strive,
maintain and improve our quality of services offered in line with your business and customer requirements.

This Means:

The nature of our quality of services offered, we ensure our development team are suitably qualified and are provided with equipments that are needed to meet client needs and company’s goals and objectives. The directors of IdeaCloud take the responsibility to continuously be aware of changing trends and continual improvement for achieving and meeting the quality policy guidelines.